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What Does a Business Coach Do?

Becoming a business coach is a great way to help others achieve their company goals. If you have a passion for all things business and take an interest in assisting with the development of strategies and techniques for company growth, consider a career in this profession. In this article, we discuss what a business coach does, how they help their clients and what’s required to become one with answers to frequently asked questions.

What is a business coach?

A business coach is a professional mentor who guides a client through the ups and downs of owning and running a business. Business coaches provide business owners with recommendations for growth and determining their company’s goals. In order to be an effective business coach, you’ll not only need to provide motivation but also implement strategies that help a business grow from the ground up. Overall, the goal of a business coach is to help a business owner grow their business successfully.


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Business coach duties

As a business coach, you’ll be tasked with a variety of responsibilities. Here are some of the day-to-day duties you might find yourself performing:


Provide advice for new plans and strategies for business implementation

Keep clients accountable and motivated

Communicate with clients to better understand their vision and goals

Assist clients with their company growth, goals and plan development

Assess a client’s strengths and weaknesses and guide development

Help clients grow their business from inception

Assist clients in utilizing their personal skills for the betterment of their business

Guide clients in the completion of strategic business growth tasks

Monitor business growth and establish methods for improvement

Analyze strategic plans that have contributed to the company’s successes and/or failures

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What aspects of business can a coach help with?

A business coach can help with a variety of aspects of a client’s company. Depending on what a business owner is looking for, a business coach can be involved in the business setup, the creation of a company’s mission statement and values, the overall growth of a business or specific strategies that can be implemented based on a company’s needs. This can involve financial planning, marketing strategies or general planning. The main business aspect a business coach helps with involves overall growth. The more growth a company sees, the more successful and profitable it will be. Since all business owners want their company to be successful, business coaches work alongside their clients to make it happen.


What qualifications should you have as a business coach?

If you’re considering a job in this profession, it’s important that you meet certain criteria. For example, in order to become a qualified business coach, you’ll need to obtain a business degree and a business coaching certification. Both of these will help grow your knowledge in this field and teach you the necessary coaching skills that you can take with you in your professional career. As you grow in this field, it’s also important to network and gain as much experience as you can. The more experienced you are, the more help you’ll be to your future clients.


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FAQs on becoming a business coach

Here are some common questions and answers about becoming a business coach:


What’s the difference between a business coach and a business consultant?

What are the skills required to become a business coach?

Why would a business owner want a business coach?

What’s the difference between a business coach and a business consultant?

A business coach is concerned with the needs of the client whereas a business consultant deals with all aspects of how a business is run. Their approaches and overall focuses are vastly different. For example, a business coach motivates and assists clients, whereas a business consultant is solely focused on the company’s processes and efficiency.


What are the skills required to become a business coach?

As a business coach, it’s important that you have a good combination of both hard and soft skills. The skills you possess will help you become a better and more effective business coach overall. Here are some general skills you should have when considering this profession:


Computer software skills: As with most jobs today, it’s important that you understand basic computer skills as a business coach.

Communication skills: Since you’ll be working alongside your clients, it’s important that you’re able to effectively communicate with them. This ensures that you are able to take the necessary steps to grow your client’s company.

Interpersonal skills: As a business coach, you’ll need to motivate, lead and be patient with your clients. It’s very important to display not only good active listening skills, but general interpersonal skills overall.

Organizational skills: As a business coach, you’ll need to be well-organized as you help implement many strategies for your client’s company. The more organized you are, the more chance your client has at success.

Why would a business owner want a business coach?

As a business coach, you have the potential to be extremely beneficial to business owners. Not only will you help guide them in strategy implementation, but you’ll help build their confidence and be their cheerleader throughout every business-building activity. Giving them the motivation to achieve their company’s goals is the stepping stone they’ll need to reach them. As a business coach, you’ll help business owners understand methods that work and provide recommendations on how to improve their daily routine for the betterment of their business. In addition, you can help them effectively defuse issues that arise and prioritize the most important matters that need immediate attention. You can also help them plan their finances and grow their leadership skills.

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